Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment Services

  • Mower blade sharpening
  • Engine repair
  • Starter problems repaired
  • Self-propelled mower repairs
  • Lawn mower troubleshooting
  • Wheel repair, replacement
  • Tire Repair
  • Pressure washers repair, generator repair, etc.
  • Parts Ordering
  • Chain Sharpening


Keep your mower blade nice and sharp for better cuts and greener grass! A blunt mower blade tears rather the cuts your grass, causing the turf to lose moisture faster than normal. Like driving with the parking brake on, a dull blade is going to make your engine work a lot harder as well.

Make your lawn mower one of the most dependable pieces of equipment you own. Bring it to Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment today for all your repair needs.

Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment has a Gold Certified STIHL mechanic certified to work on all STIHL and other 2-cycle machines!